Radar (Risk Avoidance Danger Awareness Resource)

This high profile project was the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, with the overall aim of the creation of a number of these facilities throughout the province. Located in Sydenham Harbour Estate in Belfast, RADAR has a full sized street scene, with a house, bus, train, court room, prison cell, shop, police station, boat and much more. RADAR is open to school and community groups.

The works included for the complete fitout of an existing warehouse building to create the facility, all of the street scenes were created from scratch and included the installation of an actual train carriage supplied by translink, an actual bus and bus shelter, car simulator as well as many other scenario scenes. M&E installations were state of the art including a ‘traffic light system’ to indicate to the tour operators when to move from one scene to the next. Why not take a tour of the facility by clicking on www.radarni.co.uk

Client: Northern Ireland Policing Boards
Architect: Jerome McGinity Property Consultant
Contract Value: £ 1,080,000