Sloan’s House, Loughgall

The Museum of Orange Heritage at Sloan’s House, Loughgall is situated on Main Street, Loughgall. Sloans house was a key area in the history of the Orange Order as it was here that the Institution was formed, around the aftermath of the Battle of the Diamond in 1795.

This project included for the complete refurbishment of the existing buildings and new extensions to create exhibition spaces and research facilities. The new extensions were of split level construction due to the sloping nature of the site and further complexities included extremely restricted access to the entire site.

Displays of key artefacts and illustrations through interactive technologies, graphics and audio visual technologies were provided and the original ‘Sloans Parlour’ was retained, including timber flooring and fireplaces, with the new facility including waxwork models sitting around the original table signing the first warrant. More information can be found at

Client: Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
Architect: RPP Architects Ltd
Contract Value: £1,078,000